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Are you a businessman who dreams of getting big on the web? Are you looking for a web developer to turn all your fantasies into reality? If the answers to these questions are yes, you have come at the right place.
WebDesignOffice.us offers an array of Web Development Services. We have been providing Web Development services to a wide range of clients all over the world.
We make use of web Development to create broad range of websites like business websites, CMS managed websites, web portals, e-commerce solutions, and much more.

Our web development services are a perfect amalgamation of all the ingredients that are needed to make and deploy latest web applications. We provide PHP web development services keeping in mind different budgetary requirements of business.
With vast experience in web development, our team of PHP Developers boasts of more than 300 websites, providing services to different kind of businesses. A number of solutions are developed by making use of PHP along with MySQL, Linux and Apache:

•  Custom PHP Development
•  Online shopping carts & e-commerce solutions
•  Web Portal Development
•  PHP Development using open source
•  Web Content Management
•  Database Driven Website Development

Expert Team of PHP Developers:

We have an experienced team of web developers who deliver high quality web development services for businesses. They are highly committed and pay close attention to all the details regarding your project. Our professional team of web developers makes sure that all your requirements are taken care of throughout the development stage.

For offering unsurpassed services to our esteemed clients, lot of attention is paid while choosing web Development Team. They are put through lot of tests so as to determine their skills. After selection, they are made to undergo training sessions.

It is important for the reputation of our business that we deliver services as per schedule. Our web developers ensure that clients’ work is finished on time.

Project Based PHP Programmers Team:

In today’s cut-throat competition, users want advanced web Development skills and talent, which should help in fast delivery of services. We have a project based team of web programmers that have unmatched skills in PHP, .Net, Linux, AJAX and ASP. We have completed wide range of projects including Community tools Web Calendars, shopping carts with content management systems, CRM Solutions, Open Source Softwares Integration, and forum based on PHP and MySQL.

Our portfolio includes websites on different topics. This stands testimony to our in-depth knowledge of web development. And it is this knowledge that helps us to create unique websites for our clients.

PHP Developers & Programmers on Request:

We present to our clients a highly professional, zealous team of Web Developers. At our company, you get the privilege of choosing /hiring one -> many Developers who work passionately 24 *7 to make your project(s) a success. During the project tenure the client can make continuous communication with the developers. Our expert developers are always ready to take up innovative projects.

We share great pride in asserting our winning experience in bringing up numerous custom websites using PHP Development. Our developers have got the potential to carry PHP Development with the software such as Magento, ZenCart, Word Press, Joomla, Oscommerce, Drupal etc.

At any point of time amidst project- tenure, if our client is not happy with the progress, our company provides immediate substitution of web developers as per the needs of the client.

Merits of Web Development through Selram Technologies:

•  The contemporary websites functioning on programming languages like PHP, MySQL and Apache display attractive web-content. Hence, it is a choice of the modern society. Our company feels delighted in offering this style of web development services that meet our clients’ standards influentially.
•  The rich PHP and MySQL upgradation support (brought about by quality performance data warehouse- applications) provided by our company enhances the visibility of your company.
•  eCommerce web solutions through PHP Development created by our master PHP Developers gives our clients a smooth shopping- online experience.
•  Our web developers work industriously to provide you services that are instant, flexible and user-savvy. We possess highly talented programmers who can handle even the most complicated business projects and accomplish them with finesse.
•  Our web development services come at best prices that make you save huge and increase your profits.

PHP Development for GREAT Web Applications:

We provide custom PHP Development on request for:-

•  Web Development in eCommerce through PHP and MySQL
•  PHP Development for B2B and B2C Portals
•  PHP Development for Travel Portals
•  PHP Development for Community Portals
•  PHP Development for Enterprise Portal
•  Inventory Management System using PHP Development
•  Content Management System using PHP Development
•  Creating Job Boards and various Portals by PHP Development
•  Safe Message Board Application Development by utilizing PHP & MySQL
•  Blogging websites formation through open-source PHP Development and numerous other web development services

Whether you want a new website or revamp your old one, our expert team can do it all. Your website is the identity of our business and it has to be impressive. Allow our team of professional programmers and designers to create a unique identity for your business over the Web. You won’t regret it!

CCS Makes Your Small business

Because CSS website pages are usually much smaller file sizes than those using HTML table designs, it's not unusual to see reductions in file size of more than 50%. Smaller file sizes using reduced bandwidth, which in turn using reduced bandwidth charges.
Are we looking at lowering website hosting costs?
Are we looking at lowering website hosting costs? Are we fed up with having to pay website hosting prices? Are we unsure which firm to use to host wer new website? These are questions that many Internet users would answer yes to. We have a large number of websites and the cost of website hosting them all, does at times annoy us.

A quicker site

Have you ever come across a site that seemed to take forever to load? Did it only display the background, and minutes later, display the text all at once? By reading this article, you will be able to prevent this common mistake from happening to you.

Eliminating Default Margins

Since the inception of the very first HTML document, margins existed that surrounded the document, like in the case with this document. The margins are there to act as a cushion between the edges of the browser and the contents of the page, so it's easier to read this content.

Conditional SSI

While many of you are familiar with SSI (Server Side Includes) and its tremendous usefulness as a server feature, did you know that the technology supports conditions? Imagine being able to give your SSI code logic, so it executes different commands, depending on variables such as browser type, time of day, referring URL, and whatever else can be accessed and compared in Perl. Something like that would be nothing less than revolutionary, and fortunately, possible!

How to Receive Web Awards

Awards are nice to receive after having put a lot of effort (or not) into your site. If you haven't gotten one yet for your killer design, you are at the right place. You undoubtedly have seen several sites around the net showing off their nice, shiny awards. Then you wonder: "Why haven't I got an award? My site is at least just as good!". The truth is, you can't receive an award if you don't apply for one. Those other sites don't get their awards straight out of nothing, they've applied for it! Don't Make Them Wait.

I have noticed that many websites are trying to portray themselves as if they were a TV network. They put top-notch graphics and sound into their web page. What these companies are missing is that their visitors are not watching TV. Clip Art Graphics can be an integral part of a web design. Fresh ideas and ingenuity are part and parcel of succeeding in the virtual world. These quality graphic design techniques are affordable as well. The only thing that is needed is a quality clip art graphic artist.


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