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Shalomworld - Shopping Cart

Shalomworld - Shopping Cart

Shalomworld - Shopping Cart Technology is getting advanced day by day and hence we need to update ourselves with the latest trend. Next generation people hardly remember dial-up connection usages since it’s the time of wireless data cards (Wi-Fi data cards). Simply get a laptop or desktop and get connected to the internet using your USB data card. However, there are not many choices available in India since a limited number of companies are providing Wireless data cards presently.

Lovinghandsindia - Welfare for Childrens

Lovinghandsindia - Welfare for Childrens

Lovinghandsindia - Welfare for Childrens Loving Hands India Trust registered under the Trust Act having Document Number (177/2006) with the sub register office, Surandai and running Orphanage Home at Sambavarvadakarai under the name and style of “ZION BETHEL HOME” for the welfare Tribes from Bedamgilagam, Krishnagiri District. We are providing Shelter, Food, Cloth, Education etc., for their welfare, Develop their skill and moral life. We herewith enclose the following documents for registration of Zion Bethel Home.

Jebaraj Ministries - Pr. John Jebaraj Ministries

Lovinghandsindia - Welfare for Childrens

Fear of insignificance creates the results it dreads! It arrives at the destination it tries to avoid. If you pass your days mumbling, “I’ll never make a difference; I’m not worth anything,” then guess what? You sentence yourself to a life of gloom without parole! Even worse—you’re disagreeing with God. Questioning His judgment. Second-guessing His taste. According to God, you were ‘wonderfully made.’ He can’t stop thinking about you. Why does He love you so much? The same reason the artist loves his paintings. You’re His idea!

Seahubndt - NDT Coaching Center
Celestialministries - A Unnatha padalgal publishers


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